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1. Baseline Schedule Setup

Category. Project Setup Schedules Description:

  • Setup of baseline schedule with accurate links driven by resources and/or method (site engineer to be involved and take ownership of schedule for execution)
  • In line with GCC requirements: Calendar requirements such as rain, milestones, specific item sequence etc.
  • Fully resourced with usage graphs
  • WBS areas by use of site drawings and scope of work
  • Planners available to assist on an ad hoc basis or full time basis from tender stage through to execution
  • Meeting(s)with project manager/engineers/site agent to ensure ownership of construction schedule for execution purpose
  • Production rate based schedules with resource loading and historical data/production rates, where available
  • Critical path management, weekly updates, early warnings, float management
  • Baseline and Re-Baseline: How to, Why, Impact & When to re-baseline
  • Contractual and actual rain calculation and impact shown on schedule

2. Progress Updates & Reports

Category. Project Progress Reporting Description:

  • Weekly/daily site progress updates
  • Once a Week Planner : Updates can be done by one of our planners visiting the site once a week or planner can be placed on site, where we monitor and check progress on a continuous basis. Having the support and back-up of our most experienced planners, you can choose to place a Junior/Intermediate level planner on site.
  • Site personnel are informed and will be driven to meet Key milestones by objective reporting and providing daily/Weekly construction schedules to certain Key role players.
  • Reports to be distributed internally for discussion and mitigation actions. This function keeps management at head office informed of possible risks to overrun on agreed milestones which may be linked to penalties.
  • Mitigation actions to be reflected on progress plan to submit with update
  • Delays captured timeously (at least once per week)- Early warning
  • Monitor progress and rolling window activities on site (per team)
  • Attendance of weekly planning meetings with EPCM / engineer
  • Tracking and updating schedules as per EPCM / engineer’s requirements
  • Submission of Early Warnings and Extension of Time documentation

3. Claim related Services

Category: Project Schedules – Claim Related Description:

  • Extension of time claims in EPCM/engineer environment
  • Analyse client / contractor communication records and setup necessary documentation to determine claim time value, using daily site diaries
  • Analyse GCC implications on schedule delays
  • Reflect mitigation options on schedule
  • Early finish claims with acceleration effort (early finish with cost)

PSS as Claim Planning Consultants (extension of time claims, delays, etc.)

  • Construction disciplines experience: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Piping, Building
  • Contractor, EPCM and discipline specific scheduling and planning
  • Line and balance graphs for site activities with high contractor interfacing to minimize delay risks Early warnings and micro scheduling
  • Ensure site agent and construction team buy into schedule
  • Provide planning support with progress measurement on site and schedule updating
  • Monitor subcontractors’ progress and manage to Keep within contractor schedule timelines Attend project progress site meetings with contractor
  • Evaluate Critical Path activities and progress weighting to make necessary decisions on mitigation actions needed to complete contract on time.
  • Resource usage evaluation and flagging over exposure
  • Update schedules with BOO changes and scope changes. Re-baseline such schedules and assists with mitigation plans.
  • Extension of time claims analysis, motivation reports and management of such claims (standing time, force majeure, scope change, trends, access limitations etc.) on long term or ad hoc basis
  • Provide lead and site planners to assist project teams with scheduling and progress reporting (S-Curves on man hours earned relative to quality achieved. Planned, Actual, Forecast)
  • MS Project training
  • Specializing in the analyses and compilation of extension of time claims and delay management on behalf of client.
  • Dispute resolution with third party to assist client in achieving objective of claim
  • Contract specific application with regards to claim management on FIDIC, NEC, GCC contracts and site specific construction regulations and limitations
  • Cash flow forecasts for contract duration with weekly update and adjusted cash flow by linking monetary value to activities

4. MS Project Training

Category: MS Project Training


  • NOT generic training, but site specific
  • Designed for site agents, contracts managers, quantity surveyors, etc.
  • Individual or group training available
  • Different levels of training available for beginners and intermediate trainees
  • Training is custom made to suit your situation (site specific, management, quantity surveying, etc.)
  • Training presented by a site experienced planner/scheduler
  • Huge success with this training method
  • Manual provided for reference and look up
  • After training support via email and telephone for 6 months




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